Personal Storage in Bicester

There are many times in our lives where we could do with some extra space. That’s where our handy storage units come in – with 3 different sizes to choose from, we’ve got a personal storage solution for you.

We’re in the perfect location – just 5 mins out of Bicester town centre (so you can skip the constant roadworks and congestion!) whilst being close by to surrounding areas, like Kidlington, Oxford, Brackley, Waddesdon, and Banbury.

Whether you’re moving house, decluttering, renovating… whatever you’re up to, you can count on us to look after your goods whilst you are busy dealing with everything else. Let us take the weight off your shoulders!

Low-cost insurance available

Drive-up units

14-day notice period, any unused days refunded

Moving house or flat

Our clean, dry, watertight storage units are perfect for house and flat moves.

You can drive right up to most units on our site, saving you the hassle of wheeling goods through a maze of corridors and lifts. And for an affordable price, we can provide insurance for your goods whilst they’re in storage too.

In the process of selling your home? Store unneeded furniture out of the way with us to make your property look tidier, more spacious, and thereby more attractive to potential buyers.

Downsizing to a smaller property? No need to throw everything out! Pop the bits you’re not going to need at your new home into one of our storage units, and rest assured that you can still access them whenever you need.

Not sure when you’ll be moving in?

Moving house can be uncertain business. You might be waiting on a completion date, or maybe your new build home isn’t quite ready yet. Or you’re in between houses, temporarily living with friends or family on the search for your next home.

Whatever your situation, don’t stress – we’re flexible! We invoice on a 28-day or monthly rolling basis, and when you’re ready to move out you just need to give us a minimum of 14 days’ written notice.

Better yet, once you’re all moved out we’ll refund any leftover, unused days of storage, so you only pay for what you use.

Furniture storage

Our storage units are perfect for storing old or unused furniture. They’re ‘one-trip’ containers, meaning they’re in fantastic, watertight condition – so no need to worry about water ingress. And being drive up, you won’t have to lug your heavy furniture across long distances.

We all love snapping up a bargain, whether it’s from Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay, or your local charity shop. The only thing is, we don’t always know when or where we’ll be able to use it! Or we might want to upcycle it further down the line. Don’t fret – keep it with us for the time being until you find the perfect place for it.

Declutter efficiently

Having a big spring clean or just a long overdue sort out? We can help.

Put the items you don’t need into one of our storage units, and turn your home into a clutter-free zone. Seasonal decorations can be kept safe and dry in our units until they’re ready to be used again. Same with that stack of suitcases taking up precious space in the loft!

Reclaim your garage, loft, or that neglected spare room

Whether it’s the garage, the loft, or that ever-more-cluttered spare room, we’ve all got places in our homes that are used as a little bit of a, well, dumping ground, rather than their true purpose!

Reclaiming these spaces and returning them to their former glory becomes a lot easier with our clean, dry, watertight storage units. You can fill your unit and access your goods at your leisure, so you can sort your things out bit by bit.

Renovating and decorating

Store your belongings out of the way whilst you decorate, paint, or renovate your house – no need to clutter up another room or risk damaging furniture whilst you do so!

And if it’s a bigger project like an extension or a loft conversion, rest assured that you can keep your items with us for as long as it takes. Just kindly give us at least 14 days’ written notice when it’s all done.

We have units in 40sqft, 80sqft, and 160sqft sizes, so whether you’re renovating one room or your whole house, we’re certain to have the perfect size storage unit for you.


It’s great to have hobbies. The only thing is, they often come with a lot of (literal) baggage. That’s where our storage units come in – and don’t forget, we offer low-cost contents insurance too.

Store skiing or sports equipment with us, knowing that you can pick it up any time you’re in the mood – or when the sun’s shining!

You can also keep a motorbike, quad bike, or jet ski with us over the winter, or just to free up space in your garage. We just ask that fuel tanks are drained prior to storage for safety reasons.

Letting your house

Keep your possessions with us whilst you rent your house out, then pick them up again whenever you need them.

Working abroad or travelling

Whether you’re travelling for leisure, or taking on a business venture abroad, why not store your belongings with us whilst you’re gone? Our units are secure and watertight, so you can rest assured knowing your goods are in safe hands whilst you’re out of the country.

And if you’re going to be away for longer than expected, you don’t need to stress about being tied into any contracts. We’ll look after your goods for as little or as long as you need, with only 14 days’ notice required prior to move out.

For additional peace of mind, we recommend adding insurance to your storage package – it couldn’t be easier to do, and can be tailored up or down as you add and remove items from your container.

Student storage

If you’re heading off to university and moving to smaller accommodation, let us look after your belongings for you whilst you enjoy this exciting new chapter of your life!

For parents whose children are fleeing the nest – why not keep their unused things safely with us to free up some space?

Gifts / Inherited items

Hide gifts away from prying eyes in one of our storage containers – whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, whatever the event, you know you’ll be able to retrieve your presents on the day you need (or the night before!)

Inherited items can be kept securely with us.

And the list goes on!

We’ve listed just a few ideas as to how our storage units can benefit you, and simplify your personal life. If you run a business or think your company could benefit from our services as well, take a look at our Business Storage page here.

You can store most things with us, as long as they’re not perishable, illegal, live or flammable. For a full list of Prohibited Items, please click here.