Your belongings are kept secure with us.

We keep them in an electronically-controlled, gated compound, with 24/7 CCTV recording and modern access control. Our units are sturdy and watertight, and you hold the keys.

Knowing that this is the case, you might be asking yourself… Is insurance really necessary?

“If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring!”

We highly recommend insuring your goods whilst they are in storage, for the same reason we insure other things of value in our life (e.g. our houses, pets, and cars), which is that insurance provides us with all-important peace of mind as well as financial protection.

Whilst security is our top priority at Swallowfields Self Storage and we work hard to keep your goods safe with us, insurance is there as an extra layer of protection in the unlikely event of something going wrong. We never want or expect to have to claim on insurance, but it’s important to have it there just in case.

Home insurance policies – do they cover goods in storage?

Unfortunately, the short answer is most likely no.

We would only recommend relying on your home insurance to cover goods in storage if you have contacted your insurer directly beforehand to confirm it with them.

Okay, so how do I add insurance to my storage package?

We make it super simple and affordable to add contents insurance to your storage package.

We can add it to your package at sign up, or at any time during your storage rental with us – and the good news is that it requires minimal effort on your part!

We’ll set it all up for you, and can tailor your coverage amount up and down as you move goods in and out of your unit. And when you’re ready to terminate your storage and move out, we’ll automatically cancel your insurance for you as well – so you’ll only pay for the length of time that you need it.

Taking out the right amount of insurance coverage

The amount of insurance coverage that you take out should be based on the full replacement value of your goods in storage as new.

As is the case with all types of insurance, the reason this is important is because underinsurance can lead to any potential claims not being paid out in full.

We make it easier and more affordable for you to take out the correct amount of insurance coverage, by offering weekly rates that get even cheaper as your coverage amount goes up.