Business Storage in Bicester

We provide flexible storage solutions to business and retail clients based in Bicester, as well as surrounding areas, such as Kidlington, Oxford, Brackley, Waddesdon, and Banbury.

Being just 5 minutes out of Bicester town centre, you and your staff and colleagues can visit us easily, without travelling long distances or getting stuck in the town centre congestion.

We cater for businesses of all different sizes, from all different industries. From tradespeople to retailers to offices, we are sure to have a self storage unit that is perfect for your business. With no business rates to pay and no lengthy contracts, our storage solutions help you to keep your overheads low, whilst allowing you to stay adaptable as your business needs change.

You’ll also benefit from drive-up storage units, access outside of office hours, and the ability to scale up and down to different storage units as required.

Low-cost insurance available

Drive-up units

14-day notice period, any unused days refunded

Store tools, equipment, and materials

We can keep your valuable tools and equipment safe – and you’ll be able to access them as and when you need, no matter how early you start or late you finish.

Our units are watertight and drive-up, so your goods will be kept dry and protected from the elements whilst being accessible from right outside – no long-distance lifting required. And because our site is an enclosed compound with 24/7 CCTV recording, we are a more secure alternative to leaving tools in your van overnight.

Increase efficiency by keeping only the apparatus you need on hand or in your workshop, and the equipment you don’t need in a centralised and convenient place, like one of our storage containers.

Create more space in the office

It’s all in the presentation, so keep the clutter and unused furniture with us, and make your office or workplace more attractive and relaxing to both staff and customers.

Moving office or workplace? Store your furniture and equipment with us whilst you wait to move into your new premises, then bring the goods you need back over at your convenience.

Expanding your workforce? Create extra room for your new employees by moving bits out of the way and into one of our drive up storage units. You might surprise yourself how much room can be created – and save having to move to larger, more expensive premises.

Working from home?

If you’re working from home, you can create more space in your home office – or wherever your desk may be – by keeping unneeded belongings safely with us.

Retail storage

Keep surplus stock with us and make it easier to manage supply and demand, replenishing stock as and when it is needed.

If you’re pushed for room in your retail unit, we have a storage solution to help maximise the space you do have. By moving assets, out-of-season stock, and visual displays or signage that you don’t need into storage, you can ensure floor space is being used efficiently to maximise profits.

We’re just 5 minutes from Bicester Village and Bicester Town Centre. Our customers can visit their storage units outside of office hours, meaning stock and visual merchandising can be accessed by retailers in peak trading hours. No need to plan ahead or worry about being caught off guard by busier-than-expected trade.

Online ecommerce sellers

Internet ecommerce sales are growing more and more. In Feb 2020, just before the COVID lockdowns hit, an estimated 19.1% of all retail sales in Great Britain were made online.

Whether you run your own website, or you use an online marketplace like Etsy or eBay, as your business grows you will likely find yourself in need of extra storage space for your stock and supplies. This doesn’t need to be a huge expense – our storage units are affordable from move-in to move-out, and our pricing is simple and straightforward.

No lengthy contracts or business rates

Compared to renting expensive business premises or a warehouse, our storage containers allow you to expand your storage capacity whilst keeping your overheads down. Our units provide ample space to set up racking and shelving, allowing you to further maximise the space and store a surprising amount of stock.

We operate low-cost rolling 28-day or monthly contracts, which you can cancel with just 14 days’ notice.

And you won’t pay any business rates when storing with us, keeping your costs down even further.

Archive paperwork

Our storage containers are great for archiving paperwork that you don’t need, but are legally obligated to keep. How much space are you taking up just to store all of this ‘dead filing’?

Save space in your office by keeping it out of sight, out of mind with us. We recommend labelling and sorting paperwork into their own plastic boxes, so that when you do need to locate a specific document, you can find it quickly and easily.

Exhibition or display items

If you build or run exhibitions, displays, or events, our storage containers are perfect for holding materials and stands when they are not in use.

You can access your unit outside of office hours, so you can be confident in knowing that your goods can be retrieved for your customers at exactly the moment they are needed.

We can accept deliveries

Need a parcel delivered but not sure that you will be in to accept it? Or are you looking to replenish stock or materials in bulk?

We can accept deliveries for you to the site to streamline your operations even further. Get in touch with us for more information – please note that we cannot accept deliveries without prior notice.

And more

We’ve listed just a few ideas as to how our storage units can benefit and streamline your business operations. Get in touch with us today to see if we can help your business.

You can store most things with us, as long as they’re not perishable, illegal, live or flammable. For a full list of Prohibited Items, please click here.